"Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul"
Plato 427 v.C. - 347 v.C

Martin Damen is the obvious example of the guy who followed his dream with his feeling and passion for music, especially housemusic! His great mission in life is entertaining the audience with his music. ,, Music is a language without words, it always grabs me and many others with me,'' says DJ Martin Damen.'''Bringing the people together, creating an atmosphere where everything comes together.  The person behind the decks isn´t that important, it's all about the people.'' His style remains always happy, just like his personal influence. A style best described as "cheerful, enthusiastic, engaging and above all groovy. Martin Damen creates a unique atmosphere. But make no mistake, Martin can bring you the depth and sensitivity to experience housemusic in full colour. Martin is a music chameleon, able to combine all the house genres, creating  a continuous mix rich of diversity, color, feeling and groove. During his career he has performed on stages in clubs and festivals around the world such as Mysteryland, Dancevalley, Lowlands, Rock IT, Fast Forward Danceparade, Oerol, Yas Island (Abu Dhabi), Muscat (Oman), El Che Algiers (Algeria), Escape Amsterdam, Winkel van Sinkel Utrecht, Tivoli Utrecht, 013 Tilburg, Paradiso Amsterdam, Supperclub Amsterdam and many more.


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